An Ode to the Firebird Singers by Sarah Smith
A village hall in Meriden is where the Firebirds meet
You would not think it special if you passed by in the street
But step inside at half past seven and you will soon observe
A friendly bunch of characters with loads of vim and verve

The lovely Val will greet you and make sure you have a seat
And tell you all about the choir and how often we meet
Then Andrew will call out a 'shush' and call out the first song
He guides us through the tricky bits 'cos sometimes we go wrong
He really does a splendid job to rein the congress in
You see we're not the quietest bunch and sometimes make a din
As Musical Director, this challenge he must face
As well as keeping us in time and keeping the right pace

It's great when we have done our best and see him nod with pride
And it's funny when we cock it up and behind our music hide
Just who would think that singing songs could be just so much fun
The evening goes by in a flash, before we know we're done!